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Crimp Neck GC Vial

The special packaging used in the 2ml vial in the picture, 100pcs in a box with a partition to separate the vial. This kind of packaging is not only more compact and beautiful, but also can better alleviate the vibrations that occur during transportation and protect the vial. At the same time, it can also bring the brand logo printed on the box, Aijiren can meet the customer’s packaging customization plan, only need to communicate the details in place and pay the corresponding packaging costs.

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Aijiren's round-bottomed top-space vials and 2ml 8mm screw vial are both well-selling vials. On the one hand, Aijiren, as a professional supplier of chromatographic consumables, can provide more product categories, on the other hand, these two types. The vial can be used in a wide range of customers' laboratory analysis and testing. Therefore, in Aijiren's production workshop, both of these are products with a higher chance of appearing.
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