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2ml Vial Wait for Delivery

Aijiren’s 2ml hplc vial adopts a fully automated production method, mass production guarantees a large amount of daily production, Aijiren has 6 vial production lines, and can also be customized for logo or label, scale printing, and closures. Aijiren Provide the option of purchasing vial/cap separately or purchasing vial and cap together.

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Aijiren, as a production-oriented enterprise, will arrange packaging for delivery after the completion of the production of 2ml hplc vial. The 2ml hplc vial in the picture is for goods shipped to Turkey. Aijiren first uses PP Box for packaging, then packs the box into a carton, and wraps it with plastic film. This packaging method is moisture-proof and waterproof and can avoid damage caused by transportation.
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