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9mm Screw Neck Closures

Purchasing Aijiren’s 9mm hplc sample bottle requires the purchase of 9mm Screw Cap with Septa. Aijiren’s Caps are made of high-quality polypropylene. You can choose whether to have a center hole cover. The septum uses a double-sided combination of PTFE and silicone. The assembled lid and septum are very convenient for customers to use.

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9mm Screw Closures are suitable for 9mm hplc vial. This 9mm screw closure with vial provides a solution for the practical packaging of sample-sized health, beauty and pharmaceutical products. 9mm Screw Closures can keep the seal impermeable and will not undergo chemical leaching, so your product remains pure. And for the products that need to be injected, 9mm Screw Closures can also provide sufficient safety guarantee, and the center hole can realize the injection.
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