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Check the Quality of 9mm Screw Cap with Septa

The staff in the picture is disassembling the assembled 9mm Screw Neck Cap with Septa. These are 9mm Screw Neck Closures randomly selected from different machines. Since Aijiren produces more machines, many samples need to be checked. Solution to check whether Septa and Cap are damaged, if they are not sturdy, Septa may fall off or fall off easily. Aijiren’s strict quality inspection guarantees the quality of the product.

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Aijiren 9mm Screw polypropylene caps have excellent sealing properties and good chemical resistance, including acids, alcohols, alkalis, water-based products, cosmetics and household oils. Polypropylene hole covers are known for their good impact strength, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Septum support is sold separately. You can purchase Cap with Septa separately and assemble it yourself, but in the case of manual assembly, the Cap with Septa may be contaminated by skin sweat/oil stains and may be assembled in the wrong direction. Therefore, we strongly recommend the use of ready-made seals, in which the lining and the cap are perfectly matched, and are automatically inserted under strict sanitary conditions.
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