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Plastic Seal a box of 9mm Screw Neck Vial

The staff in the picture is plastic-sealing the packaged 9mm hplc vials. Generally speaking, 9mm hplc vials is 100 pcs/pack. Aijiren will first put the finished 9mm hplc vials in the box, and then plastic-encapsulate it to prevent dust and moisture. This will ensure that Vial is clean and tidy. Aijiren, as a manufacturing company, is inspiring to allow customers to use the preferential and practical 9mm hplc vials.

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Aijiren's 9mm wide-mouth threaded HPLC vials are designed for use with Aijiren and other rotary or robotic samplers. The vial is 12X32 mm in size, and the 9mm wide-mouth threaded HPLC vials are made of Clear glass. The Cap is made of high-quality polypropylene with precise manufacturing tolerances and is lined in a controlled manufacturing environment. Available colors include yellow, red, green and blue, and colors can also be customized according to customer needs. Our septa uses only the highest quality Silicone and PTFE to ensure normal function, and Aijiren provides a pre-cut Septa service to reduce needle penetration. It is designed for single injection and/or short sample cycles, especially suitable For liquid chromatography applications. The absence of an elastomer layer reduces the possibility of contamination.
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