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9mm PP Cap with Septa

Aijiren’s 9mm Screw Cap with Septa is automatically produced by machines. The same batch specifications meet the needs of customers for experiments. And mass production can also meet the orders of customers around the world, and mass orders can also be satisfied. Because of this, Aijiren’s fast shipping speed and good product quality have enabled Aijiren to become a world-renowned supplier of chromatography consumables.

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The 9mm Screw Cap with Septa is made of high-quality PP material and has a center hole to facilitate the injection of samples by the autosampler. It is resistant to high temperatures and can be heated inside the autosampler to ensure the safety of automatic injection. The design of the thread is strictly fitted to the neck of the vial, so it is very convenient to seal and the sealing effect is better. Septa uses a compound method of Silicone and PTFE, which is convenient for puncture.
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