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9mm PP Closures

Aijiren uses a dust-free workshop to produce 9mm closures. The 9mm closures produced in a dust-free workshop have strict quality standards and uniform threads, which guarantee the quality of Aijiren’s products. Aijiren is planning to use product quality to build brand awareness and become a world-renowned supplier of chromatography consumables.

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Aijiren's 9mm screw cap can only be used on 9mm hplc vial. When the worker manually tightens the lid, mechanical force is applied to squeeze the septa between the edge of the glass and the lid. The screw cap forms a good seal and mechanically fixes the septa in place during the puncture process. No tools are required when assembling the 9mm closure. It is precisely because of this convenience that 9mm closures have become the first choice for many laboratories.
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