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Aijiren 9mm Closures

9mm Screw Neck Closures-Polypropylene Screw Cap with two-layer material compound Septa can provide anti-evaporation seal. The double layer includes Silicone and PTFE. This compounded Septa can be used for multiple injections. And it is matched with a PTFE lined screw cap for organic samples. The screw cap provides an inert, air-tight seal and the use of a syringe needle to directly penetrate the sample.

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Aijiren 9mm Screw Cap is made of high-quality polypropylene with precise manufacturing tolerances and is lined in a controlled manufacturing environment. Available hat colors include yellow, red, green and blue. Our septa uses only the highest quality materials to ensure proper function, and can be pre-cut to reduce needle penetration. Designed for single injection and/or short sample cycles, especially for liquid chromatography applications. The absence of an elastomer layer reduces the possibility of contamination.
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