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10ml Round Bottom COD Test Tube

The COD Test Tube produced by Aijiren is often used for water quality analysis, environmental monitoring, oxygen demand detection and other chemical experiments. This requires high raw materials for the production of COD Test Tube, and requires stable and inert glass for production. The technical requirements for manufacturers are relatively high. As a factory with decades of production experience, Aijiren can easily handle this task.

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COD Test Tube produced by Aijiren usually has two packaging methods, one is 25 pcs/pack, which is packed in foam carton, and the other is 100 pcs/pack. The label on the box in the picture shows that this is the box of COD-V50 product. The capacity of this product is 10ml, clear glass, the specification is 16*100mm, round bottom, HC type, it can also be said to be 5.0 type . The COD Test Tube produced by Aijiren has several different specifications, 9ml, 10ml, 12ml, 15ml, and different capacities are suitable for different types of experimental analysis. Generally, Aijiren does not recommend overfilling the COD Test Tube because of the digestion. Analysis or oxygen demand testing requires a centrifugation process. If there are more samples, the centrifugation will fail. Aijiren recommends that reagents be added to the 1/3 position of the COD Test Tube.
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