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18mm Aluminum Closures

Aijiren 18mm magnetic screw cap (silver) and silicone/PTFE septa. Cap: The magnetic 18 mm screw cap can be effectively tested on the gas chromatograph autosampler, and the standard aperture of the center hole ensures the effective injection of the autosampler. Septa uses inert PTFE and Silicone bonding, or PTFE and Butyl bonding, these can be provided to customers to choose.

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Aijrien Tech provides you with the best range of magnetic Screw Closures for headspace GC sample vials and guarantees effective and timely delivery. 10ml or 20ml clear/amber headspace round bottom vial with 18mm magnetic screw cap (silver) and Silicone/PTFE septa. Lid: Magnetic 18mm screw cap. Septa: Silica gel (red)/PTFE (blue), package size: 100/bag, often used in Headspace Vial in gas chromatography experiments.
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