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9mm Screw Closures

The 9mm Screw Closures provided by Aijiren are made of high-quality PP Cap, and the exclusive special composite process is used to make Silicone and PTFE composite Septa, and the process of combining Cap and Septa is completed by the machine. The 9mm Screw Closures produced by Aijiren are sufficient. Able to complete chromatographic analysis experiments.

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9mm Screw Thread Closures are easy to use, no special tools are needed, and only need to be hand-held and tightened to achieve the sealing effect. Aijiren's unique short thread design provides a consistent and safe seal to prevent evaporation. This 9mm neck is suitable for many brands and models of autosamplers. It is precisely because of the high adaptability of this neck that it has become one of Aijiren's most popular products.
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