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Check 9mm Screw Closures Quality and Weight

The 9mm Screw Closures produced by Aijiren have many advantages such as high quality, strong adaptability, resistance to cracking, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, etc. Since 9mm Screw Closures have many different styles and materials, the demand for 9mm Screw Closures is very high. High and diversified options also allow customers multiple choices.

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Aijiren is a chromatographic consumable factory with its own production site and production equipment. The most popular product in Aijiren is the 9mm autosampler vial, and its matching 9mm screw closures have also increased in sales. Aijiren uses high-quality polypropylene to produce the Cap part of 9mm screw closures. The automatic production of machinery ensures that the size of each 9mm screw closure is the same, and the accuracy of the thread also ensures the seal. The design of the Cap outside has vertical lines. , It can increase friction and reduce the difficulty of sealing for customers. The design of Silicone/PTFE Septa is based on Aijiren’s exclusive compounding process. The compound without adhesive makes Septa thinner and softer. It can be sealed and easily punctured by the automatic injection needle. Aijiren’s Screw Cap and After Septa completes production, it will merge in the machine shown on the way. Caps are arranged on the track and enter the merging area one by one. The machine's robotic arm automatically grabs the septa and puts it into the Cap. Another robotic arm fixes the Cap and the septa tightly to complete the merging.
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