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Headspace Vials Factory

The Headspace Vials produced by Aijiren have two different calibers, one is Crimp Neck and the other is Screw Neck. Aijiren uses borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass to make Headspace Vials, because the borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass can ensure the stability of the reagent when it is inside the Vias. And it can also ensure the safety of Vials itself. The borosilicate glass used by Aijiren is resistant to high temperature, not easy to break, not easy to burst, and easy to use.

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Aijiren’s main products are Headspace Vials, of which there are 20mm Crimp Neck and 18mm Screw neck necks to choose from. When the machine is produced, high temperature is used to change the shape of the glass into the desired shape. Everything has a set program. To proceed, the capacity and models of Headspace Vials are mostly 10ml and 20ml, which are very suitable for gas chromatography. For customers, Headspace is a very suitable and convenient tool and experimental consumable. Aijiren’s original intention of producing Headspace Vials is In order to facilitate the customer's experimental analysis, Aijiren's goal was achieved.
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