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2ml Vial Warehouse

Aijiren’s factory is established in Quzhou, Zhejiang, which is close to the river and developed by land and water. Usually, Aijiren will notify the relevant freight forwarding company to pick up and deliver the goods after the production is completed. Generally speaking, the shipment can be completed within 3 days after the production is completed. , The next step is the time for water transportation. If the demand is not particularly large, then customers can consider express or air freight, which will be faster.

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Aijiren has a large plant area. The production of large-scale automatic production lines requires large-capacity packaging and storage space for the produced vias. Therefore, Aijiren has prepared a very large storage warehouse. The vias produced by Aijiren will be stored in the storage warehouse. , After the packaging is completed, wait for the plastic wrap on the sealed box and bag to be shipped.
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