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Septa of Autosampler Vial is Drying

The Septa produced by Aijiren is suitable for Autosampler Vials. Septa is to help Autosampler Vials to seal. The design of Cap with Septa facilitates the sampling of autosamplers. Aijiren, as a manufacturing enterprise, also requires Autosampler Vial accessories, Cap with Septa. It is produced carefully, using first-class equipment and exclusive craftsmanship. In the picture, Septa is drying.

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The picture shows the Septa processing workshop of Aijiren. First, Aijiren will make Silicone and PTFE into rectangles of the same size according to the mold. Secondly, the PTFE and Silicone will be composited by a binder-free method. Aijiren will give the composite raw materials. Drying process, in order to dry the moisture inside the raw materials, to ensure that Septa is more tough, not easy to deform, and can ensure a good seal, and it is extremely inert and can not affect the reagents inside Vial. Aijiren has 20 years of experience in producing Septa. Aijiren has set up a unified factory building, a batch assembly line, a unified production machine, consistent raw material suppression, septa cutting, cap and septa merging and other batch processing tasks. Aijiren did so. In order to ensure that Aijiren's customers have the best quality products, and the product error between each batch is reduced to a minimum.
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