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Chromatography Glass Consumables Factory

Aijiren is a manufacturer of chromatography consumables specializing in the production of glass products. Its products include Autosampler Vials, Headspace Vials, Sample Storage Vials, EPA Vials, COD Test Tubes, etc. High-quality glass products ensure that customers can analyze more conveniently Experiment.

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The picture shows the production workshop of Aijiren glass consumables. Aijiren uses a unified assembly line production machine to ensure production under the same specifications. Aijiren uses a dust-free workshop to protect the production environment. The borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass is used to ensure the quality of the product. This kind of glass has strong stability and is not easy to change the stability of the glass due to chemicals or high temperature and low temperature. Aijiren uses borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass as the raw material of various Vias for this stability, which ensures the normal development of Aijiren's chromatographic analysis work. Aijiren produces glass products that meet ISO standards and meet the needs of laboratories. Aijiren not only produces glass-based Vias, but also produces matching Micro-Insert and Cap with Septa, which are convenient for sealing and more use needs. Aijiren produces these chromatograms. The consumables and accessories are to make it more convenient for customers, so that more customers can reduce the time of preparing samples and preparing experiments. Aijiren recommends that Autosampler be used only once to ensure its accuracy.
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