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13mm Silicone Septa

PTFE/silicone septa are most commonly used in HPLC applications, and pre-cut septa are easier to pierce with a needle. The cap color is generally black, but other special colors can also be produced accordingly. Easy to apply and easy to remove. Pre-installed caps and septa are very convenient. Aijiren 13mm Screw Closures are commonly used in 4ml Screw Top HPLC Vial. Aijiren can recommend the most suitable Closures for your HPLC Vial.

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13mm Screw Closures has knurling on the side to provide excellent grip and comfort when applied to vials. The silicone rubber/PTFE Septa used is designed to provide appropriate resistance to the autosampler needles during sample injection so that they can penetrate the sample vial correctly without damaging the septum or the injection needle. If the needle resistance is too large or too small, it will damage the septum, affect resealing, block the needle due to the core of the septum material, and even damage the autosampler. These septa can work even when using a variety of needles: fine needles, blunt needles and even blunt needles. When using Aijiren 13mm Screw Closures, even after multiple injections, the sample or solvent evaporation performance is low.
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