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Crimp Top Headspace Vial

Aijiren produces headspace vials for the convenience of gas chromatographic analysis. Gas chromatographic analysis requires heating and other methods to vaporize the liquid in the vial and extract gas for detection and analysis through an automatic injection needle. Gas chromatograph requires the vial to have good airtightness and heat resistance. With strong stability and large capacity, the crimp top headspace vials produced by Aijiren perfectly meet these conditions.

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Aijiren's crimp-top headspace vial is usually divided into 6ml, 10ml and 20ml. The bottom is also designed with two types of round bottom and flat bottom in order to adapt to different brands of analytical instruments. The picture is 20ml flat bottom headspace vial, and the specification is 22.5. *75.5mm, made of USP Type1 glass, 100 pcs per box.
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