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24mm Screw Neck Cap

Aijiren’s septa for 24mm screw closures uses natural-color Silicone and PTFE. These Septas have a diameter of 22mm and a thickness of 3mm, which are consistent with the size of the Cap and can be placed between the Vial and the Cap to isolate the air and the sample. The size is 3mm. The thickness is also very suitable for needle piercing. The material of Septa is soft and tough, not easily deformed and will not break.

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The 24mm screw closures produced by Aijiren are made of high-quality PP material, which can withstand high temperature and isolate pollution, and ensure the purity of the sample inside the vial. The thread scale is very standard. The 24mm Cap center has a 15mm center hole, which is convenient for sampling. It is very easy to operate whether it is machine or manual.
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