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Chromatography Consumables Packaging Workshop

Aijiren has been engaged in the production of chromatographic consumables for 20 years. The types of products produced by Aijiren include Autosampler Vial, Syringe Filter, COD Test Tube, Headspace Vial, Reagent Bottle, etc. These products need to be packaged and shipped after Aijiren is produced. This uses the packaging workshop in the picture.

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Since Aijiren has many foreign customers, it takes a long time for the package to be transported. If the packaging method is simple, it is easy to cause damage during transportation, so that customers cannot get the complete product. In order to avoid damage to the product caused by bumps in transportation, Aijiren takes the product packaging very seriously. In addition to upgrading the inner packaging, it also attaches great importance to the outer packaging. Aijiren will give the Autosampler Vial two layers during the outer packaging. In order to prevent the carton from being damaged by moisture during transportation, Aijiren will also seal a layer of plastic wrap on the outside of the carton for moisture-proof and waterproof.
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