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20mm Butyl Septa

The compatibility or chemical resistance of 20mm Grey Butyl Septa with samples and solvents can be consulted by Aijiren’s salesperson. Butyl’s tightness makes 20mm Grey Butyl Septa suitable for multiple injections or storage. The 20mm Grey Butyl Septa has a thickness of 3mm, which has good sealing properties and facilitates the puncture of the autosampler needle. It is not thick enough to affect the puncture. PTFE is the most inert resistance of the septum, and Aijiren’s bonding process makes Septa not easy to fall off.

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20mm Grey Butyl Septa, Grey Butyl with PTFE barrier is an economical solution for low temperature (100¡ãC), low pressure applications. 20mm Grey Butyl Septa is restricted to use with many solvents and is not compatible with alkanes, benzene, chlorinated solvents or cyclohexane. The properties of gray butyl rubber provide good sealing properties for fixed gases and low molecular weight compounds. PTFE is highly inert, and the two can be combined well.
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