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24mm Screw Neck Closures Factory

Aijiren has produced 24mm Screw Neck Closures for more than 20 years. From Cap processing to Septa production, all are produced by fully automated machinery. Aijiren promises to use dust-free workshops to produce Screw Closures to ensure the cleanliness and high quality of the products.

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Aijiren has been producing 24mm Screw Neck Closures for 20 years. The current Aijiren production base has different production plants, and each plant has automatic mechanical production, such as Cap production. The molten polypropylene is poured into the raw material container. It enters the mold, deforms at high temperature, fills the mold to form a standard pattern and size, and then the machine automatically turns on to pour the Cap out of the machine. At this time, the polypropylene is quickly cooled and fixed with air, and the production of Cap ends. Septa presses the raw materials of Silicone and PTFE into thin sheets with high purity and no impurities, and then uses an exclusive process to compound the two sheets together to form a composite material with a thickness of 3mm, and then uses an automatic cutting machine to cut the composite material. For Septa of the same size, the last step is for workers to put Septa into the inside of the Cap, press it firmly, and pack it, 100 pcs/1pack. The 24mm Screw Neck Closures produced by Aijiren are usually suitable for 24mm sample storage Vial. This kind of vial has a very good storage effect. It is equipped with screw neck threads to ensure a perfect seal.
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