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Home » Products » Factory » Butyl Septa for Crimp Cap

Butyl Septa for Crimp Cap

Aijiren’s butyl and PTFE composite Septa is often used in 20mm Aluminum Crimp Cap. This combination of Closures is suitable for 20mm crimp headspace vials. The 3mm thickness of Septa is convenient for sealing and will not be damaged by puncture. The sampling head. As a factory direct sale, Aijiren saves you the accumulated sales cost of middle-level distributors. The price is more competitive and its own technical advantages provide reliable quality assurance for each batch of products shipped out of the factory, so that customers can use it more assured.

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Aijiren's Butyl Septa adhesive-free bonding process does not introduce adhesives. The septa retains the excellent resilience and sealing performance of butyl. The compound Septa of butyl and PTFE is softer than the adhesive process septa. Provide better protection for the injection needle for the autosampler. Aijiren has become the only manufacturer in China that independently produces Teflon/silicone gaskets with its own technological advantages.
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