25mm PVDF Syringe Filter

25mm PVDF Syringe Filter

Aijiren finds the right size filter in order to ensure that customers can filter the particles correctly. It is recommended that you choose the diameter of the filter carefully. Aijiren produces usually sizes of 13 mm and 25 mm. Each of them has a different ability to hold particles. According to the sample size, the appropriate filter diameter can be selected. For example, a diameter of 13 mm can be used for samples of 1-10 ml. Similarly, 25 mm PVDF syringe filters can be used for sample volumes of 10-100 ml. Their retention is less than 100 ml.

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The PVDF membrane syringe filter has a wide range of chemical compatibility, making it an ideal choice for filtering general biological samples and solvent-based proteins, alcohols, peptides, aqueous samples and tissue culture media. The mechanical strength and low extractability of the PVDF syringe filter are excellent. In these filters, the maximum allowable housing pressure is 150 psi. It improves the filtering speed. The PVDF syringe filter has high temperature resistance. They have excellent flow rate and temperature stability.
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