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13mm Syringe Filter

How to choose a precise syringe filter: Aijiren disposable syringe filters come in many types. There are mainly two series, one is hydrophilic and the other is hydrophobic series. The syringe filter has two diameters: 13mm and 25mm. The pore size of the filter membrane is 0.22, 0.45um. Membrane materials include: RC, nylon, PVDF, PTFE, etc. It is important for customers to choose the right membrane.

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Syringe filters are widely used in laboratories, no need to replace the filter membrane and clean, save your working time. Syringe filters are mainly used for sample filtration, aseptic filtration of extracts, liquids and gases. Ideal product for HPLC and GC sample filtration. The exterior of our syringe filter is made of polycarbonate plastic, and the top and bottom are ultrasonically welded. The one-piece body is shipped in one time, high temperature resistance, and no leakage at all.
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