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Autosampler Vial Warehouse

During Aijiren’s production process, more production is used as a backup. Autosampler Vial with part of the margin is packaged in a carton for packaging. Aijiren’s factory can provide Autosampler Vial, Headspace Vial, COD Test Tube, Syirnge Filter and other different products. Production, so Aijiren has great advantages in exporting products. These advantages have created Aijiren and made Aijiren a well-known supplier of chromatography consumables in China.

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The picture shows Aijiren’s warehouse. Aijiren has a large production base and dozens of production lines. Such a large production capacity requires a large enough warehouse for product storage and accumulation. This requires a warehouse to place the finished Autosampler Vial. The volume of this kind of Autosampler Vial is small, and the packaging volume is not large. A warehouse can hold tens of millions of Autosampler Vials. For a production enterprise such as Aijiren, the storage warehouse is very necessary. The Autosampler Vial produced in the Aijiren production workshop is packaged in the packaging workshop. The products that need to be shipped must be packaged and shipped a second time, and the excess products will be placed in the storage warehouse. Autosampler Vial has various types for storage in warehouses
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