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PVDF Syringe Filter

PVDF Syringe filter has many advantages. PVDF film has high mechanical strength, is not easy to break or curl; it has the advantages of low background, wide solvent compatibility, and excellent coloring ability; in addition, PVDF film can be tested repeatedly after proper treatment. The pore size of PVDF membrane is 0.22¦Ìm and 0.45¦Ìm. 0.22¦Ìm is suitable for proteins with molecular weight less than 20kDa, which can effectively reduce the leakage of small molecular weight proteins. Compared with 0.45¦Ìm PVDF membrane, it has higher protein adsorption rate and protein sequencing yield. For example, the adsorption capacity of insulin and BSA are 1.64 times and 1.58 times that of the commonly used 0.45¦Ìm PVDF membrane, respectively.

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Because the PVDF membrane has high hydrophobicity, it is necessary to soak it in an appropriate solution such as ethanol before using the PVDF syringe filter to achieve the purpose of activation and make the membrane easier to bind to proteins. PVDF film is suitable for chemiluminescence (such as BeyoECL Star, BeyoECL Plus, ECL, etc.), conventional color development (such as DAB, TMB), staining and isotope detection. If you need to use fluorescence detection (such as using the LI-COR Odyssey system), you need to use a special low fluorescence background PVDF membrane.
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