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Packaging Micro-Insert for Autosampler Vial

The workers of Aijiren in the picture are packaging the Micro-Insert. This kind of Micro-Insert is usually suitable for Autosampler Vial. For the Autosampler Vial of 9mm, 10mm, 11mm caliber, the capacity is 300ul, and the outer diameter is 5 or 6mm micro-insert. Both can be adapted, but for Autosampler vials with a diameter of 8mm, only micro-inserts with an outer diameter of 5mm can be used.

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Because in some experiments, the samples are more precious or the quantity is small, and the liquid level of the samples in the Autosampler Vial is low, and the automatic injection needle cannot draw liquid. At this time, Micro-Insert is needed. The Micro-Insert being packaged in the picture is of the Flat Bottom type. This type of micro-insert can stand steadily on the bottom of the Vial and remain upright. The combination of micro-insert and autosampler vial meets the needs of micro-sampling. , The reagent will increase the liquid level inside the micro-insert, and the syringe can be inserted into the bottom of the micro-insert without damaging the needle. Generally speaking, the micro-insert will be slightly higher than the autosampler vial. Micro-Insert is completely sealed to prevent leakage and loss of samples.

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Description 250uL Micro-Insert, 31*5mm, Clear, Flat Bottom; suits for 8-425 Vials

300uL Micro-Insert, 31*6mm Clear, Flat Bottom, Suits for 9mm/10mm/11mm Vials

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