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Aijiren’s Package Workshop

Aijiren is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of Autosampler Vials, Headspace Vials, Reagent Bottle, Syringe Fiter, etc. The production method adopted by Aijiren is fully automated mechanical production, which ensures that every vias undergoes strict inspection and conforms to ISO standard. The picture shows the packaging workshop of Aijiren. The produced Vias will be packed in boxes and waiting for shipment in the packaging workshop.

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Aijiren produces 2ml hplc vials, headspace vials, reagent bottle, COD test tube, syringe filter, EPA Vials and supporting closures. Aijiren uses high-quality raw materials for the production of Vias, because these vias are used for chromatographic analysis experiments, so The quality requirements for Vias are high, and it needs to meet the requirements of dust-free, which has high requirements for the factory, and it needs the factory to have sufficient strength and ability to meet this production requirement. And Aijiren will package the produced Vias and put it in the outer packaging, use the carton to pack it and prepare it for shipment.
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