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0.45um Syringe Filter

Aijiren recommends that each syringe filter be used only about 10 times. If there are too many impurities in the reagent, the pore size of the syringe filter will be blocked and the filtration task cannot be completed. The Syringe filter provided by Aijiren has a favorable price and good quality. It is very suitable to change to a new Syringe filter to continue filtering after using it several times.

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The Syringe Filter produced by Aijiren is often used for filtering before the analysis and testing of reagents in the laboratory. Aijiren's filter can perfectly meet this requirement. The compact size of 13mm does not occupy space and can complete the filtration task. The 0.45 pore size can allow The impurities are kept out of the hole and only pass through the pure sample.
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