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Package of 18mm Closures

The 18mm magnetic screw cap is easy to use and does not require any additional tools, such as a capper and an opener. Samples can be transferred on site, no need to transfer samples in the laboratory. The precision thread ensures the air tightness between the Headspace Vial and the 18mm magnetic screw cap. Magnetic nut can be widely used in various SPME and headspace analysis.

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18mm Screw Neck Closures uses only the highest quality materials to ensure normal function, and is especially suitable for gas chromatography applications to ensure that the septum will not fall into the sample bottle during sample injection. The septum is made of Silicone and PTFE composite, which has excellent inertness and can be used for multiple injections. The thickness of the diaphragm is 1.3 mm. The screw headspace series bottle caps combine innovation with time-saving convenience, precise manufacturing tolerances and a controllable manufacturing environment. The bottle cap produced by this patented method truly combines the septum and the cap at the molecular level to avoid excessive evaporation and keep the sample bottle properly sealed.
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