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13mm Syringe Filter

Aijiren¡¯s syringe filter has many different types of membranes. Aijiren can also sell membranes separately. Different reagents need to choose membranes of different materials to avoid the reaction between the membrane and the reagents and affect the experimental results. Aijiren usually recommends customers to choose PTFE, because PTFE is extremely inert and suitable for most reagents.

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The 13mm syringe filter is one of Aijiren's popular products. Because of its small diameter, it occupies a small space and can easily filter samples, it has become a popular filter. And the 13mm provided by Aijiren is packed in a box, which is very convenient for transportation and use. The syringe filter in the picture has a pore size of 0.22, which is suitable for filtering smaller impurities.
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