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9mm Screw Closures with Center Hole

The screw closures produced by Aijiren are used for 9mm screw vial. 9mm screw vial is the most commonly used autosampler vial. Because of the 9mm opening and 12*36mm bottle body, it is compatible with most types of autosamplers and the convenience of screw closures It has also become the reason why screw vial sells well.

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9mm screw closures 100 pcs are packaged in a bag, Aijiren¡¯s smallest unit is 100pcs, via is a box of 100 pcs, 9mm screw closures are suitable for 9mm hplc vial, adopt the form of combining cap and septa, Aijiren has a machine that combines cap and septa For mass production, Aijiren's output is inseparable from fully automatic production.
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