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18mm Screw Neck Closures

18mm Screw Neck Closures 18mm screw neck vials with magnetic screw seals for CTC is a new product in the headspace market where the jaws dominate. Especially for magnetic caps that are difficult to crimp, screw caps are a convenient alternative. 18mm Screw Neck Closures with Vial are preferentially used in instruments: CTC PAL, Varian, Gerstel, Atas, Shimadzu, Agilent.

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The 18mm magnetic metal screw cap used in 18mm Screw Neck Closures fits perfectly with the PTFE/silicone septum. The matching headspace bottle has a caliber of 18mm and a large opening for easy sample injection. The 18mm Screw Neck Closures is also specially designed with an 8mm center hole. This opening is convenient for the autosampler and autosampler for sample injection. Aijiren is designed to facilitate the customer's laboratory operation.
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