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11mm Snap Neck Closures

11mm Snap Closures are an extension of the crimp cap sealing system. Stretch the plastic cover on the edge of the 11mm Snap Vial, and form a seal by squeezing the Septa between the glass and the PP Cap. The advantage of the plastic snap cap is that it can be assembled without tools. 11mm Snap Closures is a simple sealing system. If 11mm Snap Closures have a very tight fit, they are difficult to apply and may crack. If the fit is too loose and the seal is not good, Septa may fall off.

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11mm Snap Closures are easy to use and can provide a safe seal without the use of tools. Even if the 11mm Snap Vial contains volatile samples, evaporation can be minimized. The audible click when sealing ensures that a strong seal is formed. Apply 11mm Snap Closures correctly. The snap cap has a septum. The pre-assembled 11mm Snap Closures are compatible with Aijiren Vials, and the bayonet cap is not compatible with the standard 11mm aluminum sealing surface.
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