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20mm Crimp Neck Closures

Aijiren is a professional supplier of chromatography consumables. Aijiren not only provides 20mm Crimp Top Closures, but also provides matching Headspace Vial, Hand Crimper and Decrimper. The 20mm Crimp Top Closures has a strong sealing performance, and the combination of rubber and PTFE makes Closures have better sealing performance and is very convenient for automatic injection needle puncture. Aijiren has 20 years of experience in producing gas chromatography consumables. The high-quality products and strict review system have made Aijiren successful until now.

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The 20mm Crimp Top Closures produced by Aijiren are made of high-quality Aluminum. This style has a 10mm center hole and a large aperture to ensure the safety of automatic sample introduction. After being sealed by the Hand Crimper, the 20mm Crimp Top Closures can ensure sufficient Vial Sealed and free from contamination, the matching Septa is a composite of Silicone and PTFE. The PTFE side faces the reagent. The inert PTFE will ensure that the sample is clean and free from contamination. Silicone can increase the hardness and make the Septa not easy to deform.
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