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Headspace Vial is being Packed

Aijiren’s popular product, Headspace Vial, has two types: Screw Neck and Crimp Neck. The worker in the picture is packing the headspace Vial after it has been produced. After labeling the product, an outer packaging is required. This is multi-layered packaging. It can absorb shock to prevent Headspace Vial from being damaged due to bumps during transportation.

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For gas chromatography analytical, Headspace vials are widely used for gas chromatograph. Laboratory workers have 2 choices of headspace vials. One is crimp and the other one is screw top vial. According to different chromatography instruments, customers are available in flat or round bottom designs; Aijiren Inc. also have beveled top for max level of seal security, it can protect the samples without volatile. Aijiren Inc. headspace certified vials for autosampler are made from type 5.0 and type 7.0 borosilicate glass, with low metal content, to protect customer’s sample from destablizing or leaching. Using Aijiren vials can protect your sample while limiting unnecessary downtime to help your analysis run more smoothly. Come to our website to choose the headspace vials you need!
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