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13mm 0.22 Syringe Filter

Aijiren’s syringe filter with nylon membrane is compatible with a variety of solvents and is very suitable for rapid filtration of most aqueous and organic solutions. Therefore, when the mixture of the sample aqueous solution and the organic solvent passes through the membrane, the fine droplets of the extraction solvent gather and separate from the sample aqueous solution. The nilong syringe filter produced by Aijiren is environmentally friendly and has no centrifugal effect. By filtering the receptor phase, it can provide a higher sample purification rate.

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The nylon selected by Aijiren as the syringe filter has good chemical stability, flexibility, durability, is not easy to tear, and can withstand saturated steam autoclaving. Therefore, nylon syringe filter can be applied to filter aqueous solutions and most organic solvents. Such as electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industry water filtration, tissue culture media filtration, liquid medicine filtration, beverage filtration, high-purity industrial product filtration. Nylon syringe filters generally endure the PH3-14 range.
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