20mm Silicone Septa

20mm Silicone Septa

20mm PTFE Septa can overcome the degradation that occurs due to long-term high temperature, because it is very common in silicone rubber septa. Degradation causes baseline drift and extra peaks. Therefore, the 20mm PTFE Septa produced by Aijiren is usually fixed with the PTFE side facing the column packing. For most GC/MS and other high-sensitivity detectors, Aijiren recommends septa materials with the PTFE logo; these are the cleanest and highest performing products. The PTFE septum contains very low levels of contaminants, which minimizes interference with the analysis and guarantees excellent results on all major LC/MS and GC/MS instruments.

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The high-purity, medium-hardness silicone is pressed on PTFE to form a septum, providing a pure, highly inert diaphragm with excellent resealing properties even after repeated punctures. PTFE/silicone septa are the product of choice for most HPLC and GC applications, where resealability and high purity are critical. Suitable for applications where easy penetration of the needle is important. An important reason why Aijiren uses silica gel is its hardness to ensure that the septa will not bend and deform and cause it to fall off and fall into the vial to contaminate the sample.
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