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13mm Screw Thread Closures

Aijiren’s 4ml threaded sample bottle (13-425) should be matched with 13mm Screw Closures, suitable for Aijiren, Waters, Varian, Shimadzu, PE, Diane and other types of chromatographic autosamplers. The 13mm Screw Closures produced by Aijiren have accurate thread sizes, and the width of the center hole ensures accurate collection by the autosampler. The 4ml transparent screw cap sample bottle (13-425) equipped with 13mm Screw Closures can also be used as a sample bottle and storage bottle.

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Aijiren 13mm Screw Closures with red PTFE/white silicone septa + non-porous black cap are used for 4ml screw-top vials. 15x45mm vials have 13-425 GPI threads and can hold up to 4ml samples. Generally speaking, Vial with 13mm Screw Closures is used as a sample bottle. These vials can also be used as storage vials, but they are suitable for short-term storage because the non-perforated caps and automatic puncture have limited Septa sealing.
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