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8-425 Autosampler Vial to be Packaged

Aijiren began to produce Autosampler Vial 20 years ago, which is often used in chromatographic analysis experiments. Aijiren uses machinery for mass production, which ensures the mass production of products. 100 pcs/pack is convenient for customers to use. The design of separate packaging for Vial and Cap. It is convenient for customers to seal after holding Autosampler Vial.

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The picture shows the 8-425 Autosampler Vials that have just finished plastic packaging. These Vials are ready to be transported into the outer packaging workshop. Aijiren has many different workshops, all for better production of Autosampler Vial. Such as the raw material workshop, the bottle making workshop, the printing workshop, the Septa workshop, the Cap workshop, the Septa and Cap merge workshop, the packaging workshop, the outer packaging workshop, the finished product storage warehouse, and the shipping warehouse. Aijiren provides a variety of packaging, which can be customized according to the customer's order demand. If the customer needs a large batch of Autosampler Vial for customized packaging, Aijiren will meet the customer's needs, usually the packaging is 100pcs/pack.
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