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Aijiren Provides Cap Customization Services

Aijiren provides Cap customization services. Customers can customize Cap according to their own experimental needs. As long as Aijiren can provide them, Aijiren will try to provide customized services. Today, Aijiren is already a well-known supplier of chromatography consumables in China. Aijiren will continue to work hard to improve itself, broaden its product line, and maintain high-quality production.

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Aijiren often meets such customers. The products they need are very similar to those produced by Aijiren, but the details are different. Or according to the specific needs of the samples that customers need to test, there are small changes to the product. If the customer's MOQ is large enough and they trust Aijiren, they decide to choose Aijiren for production. Then Aijiren can provide customers with customized services, which requires customers to provide Aijiren with specific product drawings, specifications and production quantities. Due to the need for mass production and the production of machines requires molds, Aijiren molds metals with a certain hardness according to the product drawings. This production process requires cycles and requires customers to pay for customized molds.
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