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Production Workshop of Autosampler Vials

The picture is one of Aijiren’s production plants. It can be seen that each of Aijiren’s workshops has a large space, which can accommodate a large number of production machines and the storage of raw materials and finished products. The right side of the picture is the adhesive-free composite of Silicone and PTFE. The Septa raw materials are placed on the shelves.

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Aijiren has its own production base, with independent production plants for different parts of the product, and Aijiren grasps the overall production quality; Aijiren's autosampler vial is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and meets ASTM TYPE Ⅰ ClassA and USP TYPE Ⅰ standards. Using professional technology, manufacturing in accordance with strict technical specifications. We also carry out strict inspections on dimensions such as polishing, outer diameter, and length-to ensure that each sample bottle is strictly matched with the autosampler holder and sampling system. 2ml autosampler vial is our most popular product. The design and manufacture of sample bottle caps and septa ensure good sealing performance, and are used in conjunction with Aijiren, Shimadzu, Waters, Thermo Fisher and other instruments. We also conduct chromatographic performance tests on silicone rubber septa to ensure that the highest standards of purity are met, and to eliminate contamination by impurities and possible analysis errors.
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