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Checks the Specifications of 2ml HPLC Vial

The Aijiren staff in the picture is using a vernier caliper to detect 2ml HPL Vials. The thread of the amber glass hplc vial in the picture is the type of screw neck. This type of threaded hplc vial is very convenient for sealing and storage, and it is easy to operate. Autosampler Vials is the first choice of many customers. Secondly, the amber glass can avoid ultraviolet rays and protect the samples. Staff needs to check whether the specifications meet the standards, and need to check the production status of the glass texture.

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Autosampler Vial produced by Aijiren is used for HPLC autosampler. Autosampler Vial is usually grouped according to the diameter of Autosampler Vial, height of Autosampler Vial and thread finish. Both clear glass and amber glass used by Aijiren are highly inert. Amber glass helps to avoid exposure to ultraviolet light, thereby protecting sensitive samples. Autosampler Vial is mainly used for sample injection from autosampler. They are sold in a variety of sizes, the most commonly used is the 2 mL Screw Neck vial. The autosampler needle pierces the cap during the sample injection process and takes out the required aliquot of the sample from the sample bottle. Aijiren has a detailed and strict inspection mechanism, and will randomly check some Autosampler Vial in the finished products for review. It is precisely because of this strict review mechanism that Aijiren's consistent product quality is guaranteed.
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