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Autosampler Vial’s Cap Production Plant

Aijiren not only produces autosampler vial, but also accessories for autosampler vial. Cap with Septa, especially the production of Cap, needs to be exactly the same as Autosampler Vial. It must also produce different types of Cap with different necks. Aijiren is a high-quality company. Chromatography consumable manufacturers, there is no error between the PP Cap produced, and it can perfectly match Autosampler Vials

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For the machine in the picture, the temperature indicated on the display is normal, and the model in the display shows the operating process of the machine. The funnel on the upper right is filled with melted polypropylene raw material, which passes through the pipe to the left. The mold on the left will compress the polypropylene. The machine mold in the picture is a screw neck cap. The cap will form a circle when the mold is made. The thread of the screw neck is clear and the specifications are fixed. The cycle time set by Aijiren is 20 seconds, and the operation time is 1.35 seconds. The dropped Cap is peeled off, and the cycle time is 1.47 seconds. Aijiren has more than a dozen such fully automatic machines. The operation of these machines guarantees Aijiren's high efficiency and uniform production.
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