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9mm Screw Thread Closures

Aijiren’s production maintains strict quality control to ensure that the size of each batch of 9mm Screw Closures is consistent. The high-quality production quality inspection has ensured the consistent match between Cap and Septa. The lid is made of high-quality polypropylene with precise manufacturing tolerances. The septum is made of the highest quality material to ensure the normal operation of the auto-injector.

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9mm Screw Closures and sample vials are usually used in combination with Shimadzu, Spectra-Physics, Varian and other autosamplers. The caps are made of high-quality polypropylene. Aijiren's production has precise manufacturing tolerances and is in a controlled manufacturing environment. In the merger with Septa, the bottle cap color usually provides blue, but other colors can also be customized. Our septa uses only the highest quality materials to ensure normal function, and can be pre-slit to reduce needle sticks.
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