1.5ml Amber Crimp Top Vial

1.5ml Amber Crimp Top Vial

Aijiren¡¯s 1.5ml amber vial production plant has a professional production line and production team, and has been strictly checking the product quality during the production process. If any 1.5ml amber vial that does not meet the standard will be immediately eliminated, it is precisely because of Aijiren¡¯s strict product Controlling talents has created Aijiren’s brand effect today and has become a well-known supplier of chromatography consumables in China.

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Aijiren's crimp top 1.5ml amber vial adopts the latest production technology, and fully automated processing ensures production efficiency. Aijiren uses high-quality raw material borosilicate hydrochloric acid glass to make 1.5ml vial. The amber's color is to protect the sensitivity to light. The samples are not interfered by ultraviolet rays, which is Aijiren's hot selling category.
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