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24mm Sample Storage Vial

The packaging of Sample Storage Vial produced by Aijiren uses PP Box, 100pcs is a box, Aijiren’s minimum order quantity is generally 10 boxes, because the order of too small quantity will cause the volume of the vial to be larger, and the shipping cost is more expensive than the product price. In order to avoid this situation, Aijiren set the sample storage Vial’s minimum order quantity to 10 boxes.

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Aijiren not only produces small-capacity vial such as autosampler vial, but also produces large-capacity vial such as 24mm Screw sample storage vial, which is usually used to store samples. The 24mm opening is convenient for sample introduction and sampling, the design of the thread is precise, and the exclusive craftsmanship during production also ensures the good sealing of the sample storage vial.
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