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Print Scales on 9mm HPLC Amber Vials

The 9mm amber vial produced by Aijiren has high quality and favorable price. Aijiren has its own factory, which can meet the customized needs of customers. Aijiren’s 9mm amber vial is often used in autosamplers and can be adapted to most brands on the market. Autosampler. 9mm amber vial is a popular product of Aijiren.

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Aijiren uses borosilicate hydrochloric acid to produce 9mm amber hplc vial. This kind of glass is highly inert and is not easy to react with chemicals, causing the chemicals in the vial to deteriorate. This kind of glass has strong stability, even if the vial is heated at high temperature, it will not change the structure or material of this kind of glass. The special color of amber glass can also protect the chemicals in the vial from sunlight. There are many specifications and types of 9mm amber hplc vial, including scales, writing labels, and logos, all of which need to be printed. Aijiren's printing adopts fully automated printing. Place the template to be printed in the printing area, and Vial is in transportation. When you bring it up and move, the printing area will continue to perform printing actions. The frequency of these two actions is the same. Aijiren has four printing production lines that operate continuously every day. For details, please see the video below. Aijiren provides logo customization service. Customers send the logo design to Aijiren, and after confirming the size, it can be printed.
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