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Clean Room of HPLC Vials factory

Aijiren has its own production workshop. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the inside of the production workshop, Aijiren has established a sanitary standard for a dust-free workshop. Employees entering the workshop need to change into uniforms. Before entering the workshop, dust must be removed inside the dust removal bellows to ensure Without bringing external dust into the workshop, the staff of Aijiren in the picture removes dust in front of the dust removal bellows.

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Aijiren Tech is an excellent Autosampler Vial factory in China, specializing in the production and sales of consumables and accessories for chromatographic instruments. Aijiren Tech was established in 2007. We have our own factories and laboratories. We have a strong R&D center, sales team, customer service team and quality control team. They develop rapidly and enjoy a good reputation in the market. Aijiren Tech has various cooperations with international companies such as Aijiren, Water, Shimadzu on automatic sampling bottles. The headspace bottles are suitable for Aijiren, Water, Beckman, Varian, Shimadzu Diane, Finnigen, Gilson, LKB, Thermo and Chromatography instruments. We are a leading manufacturer of various autosampler vials, accessories, septa, etc. We have been exporting to America, Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries for 10 years.
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